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Join novice vet, Paul Mitchell, in a further six months of hilarious escapades he experiences while working at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital.

He’s confronted by a ravenous pig while sunbathing naked in a cornfield. He locks jaws with a caiman with scale rot and battles with Doug, a vicious miniature donkey that’s always sinking his teeth into him.

It ends with a Christmas pet blessing which erupts into pandemonium as frightened pets and owners scatter through the pews.

Throughout his adventures, Paul is loyally supported by the team at the hospital – in particular Beryl, the elderly one-eyed receptionist, and, Lucy the junior nurse – together with whom he shares this merry-go-round of mayhem.

It’s a gripping, fast page-turner that’s guaranteed to keep animal lovers entranced.



‘You’ll laugh a lot and thoroughly enjoy reading about the rather hapless Paul Mitchell’s escapades.
Perfect for animal lovers the world over.’
Natasha Harding, Book Columnist, The Sun.

‘Have you ever wondered what your vet gets up to in his or her spare time? Read it here, it’s hilarious.’
 Denise Robertson, Agony Aunt, ITV’s This Morning.

‘A romp of a book! Take a loveable goofy vet with a heart of gold, plonk him in some crazy animal situations and laugh out loud as he reacts as only he can. I read the book in a day and annoyed everyone in the house by alternating between giggling and shaking my head. A must-read, highly recommended.'
Simon Dawson, author of Pigs in Clover.

‘An entertaining fast-paced bedtime read that any animal lover will enjoy.
It provides a humorous insight into the world of a vet.’
Sue Parslow, Editor, Your Cat magazine.

‘Living as I do, on a tropical island with a permanently hungry dog and ten raucous chickens tends to produce a few animal-related laughs, but nowhere near as many as this fun book does. Follow the adventures of a young vet as he gets to grips with amusing animals of all shapes and sizes. A great way to spend an entertaining afternoon in a hammock under the palms.’
Ian Usher, traveller, adventurer, writer and speaker.





Things haven't calmed down for vet, Paul Mitchell, since we last joined him at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital. Continuing his fun-filled exploits, he's spellbound by a medium with her spooked cat and tricked by a magician with his poorly rabbit, not to mention his encounter with trophy hunting cats, a runaway fox and a gored ostrich, who all add to the parade of pets that weave a colourful path through Paul's rollercoaster life.

No less a challenge is his turbulent relationship with the vet nurse, Lucy, and how they cope with a cottage full of cats, an adorable Jack Russell called Nelson and an invasion of mice. Sparks fly on the arrival of Jodie, the daughter of the practice partners. But when Paul has to operate on his beloved parrot with the help of Jodie, it's the climax of another heartfelt chapter in this young vet's exploits.

In this follow up to the number one bestseller, Pets in a Pickle, author Malcolm Welshman introduces a wealth of new characters - animal and human - while reminding us of some firm favourites, such as the steely-eyed receptionist, Beryl Wagstaff, and the Stockwell sisters who never have time for the 'vet' in a hurry'. This whirlwind ride of delightful encounters will engage readers and keep them gripped to the glorious, cliffhanger ending.


Terry Wogan was Absolutely Right!!
'Sir Terry Wogan said of Welshman's first novel, 'It's fun and should bring a smile to your face.' Well it certainly applies to the second instalment of Paul Mitchell's antics at Prospect House. 'Pets on Parade' not only equals 'Pets in a Pickle' but quite surpasses it.'

More Spontaneous Laughter
A Green Living Magazine review saying Pets in a Pickle was 'laugh a minute material... I have not laughed so much reading a book for a very long time' tempted me to buy the book, and I was not disappointed. It was great fun. No wonder the ebook version got to number 2 on Kindle's bestseller list.

'So could Pets on Parade live up to the standard set by the first book I wondered? The answer is a resounding 'Yes'. Indeed, I feel it's even better. It leaves you dangling. Wanting more. There just has to be a third volume in this delightful series.'



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‘It’s fun and should bring a smile to your face.’
Sir Terry Wogan.

‘Your a corker.’
Richard Madeley.

James Herriot became, through his writing, the most famous veterinarian in the world.  Two things, to me, stand out as integral to his worldwide success as an author: his books are not just about vets treating animals, they are about people, and he writes about others, not just himself.

Malcolm Welshman’s book, ‘Pets in a Pickle’, is, too, not just a collection of animal stories.   The author paints a vivid picture of many fascinating characters – human and animal – resulting in a most enjoyable and amusing read.  The veterinary profession is one enriched by the most interesting and challenging situations, wherein the veterinary surgeon is confronted by a variety of unforgettable characters.  Malcolm Welshman’s experiences as a young veterinary surgeon, recounted in a most readable way, illustrate this very well.

It is often said that vets have little interest in books or TV programmes about other members of their profession.  It is regarded as ‘old hat’, revealing nothing new. I did not find this to be the case with this book.  The author describes his early life in practice in a most entertaining way. The book is extremely easy to read and the text gives the reader a most enjoyable insight into the unpredictable but fascinating life of the veterinary surgeon. I wish this book every success.
Jim Wight – son of James Herriot and author of ‘The Real James Herriot’

‘I loved this book although I’ll never look at my vet in the same way again. Whether or not you’re mad about animals there are laughs aplenty here.’
Denise Robertson, Agony Aunt, ITV’s This Morning.

‘If you have a pet you love, then you will love “Pets in a Pickle”. These hilarious stories are straight from a vet’s pen and will keep you chuckling.’
Stella Whitelaw, writer, journalist, lover of cats, with over 30 novels published.

‘This book is a modern James Herriot tale set in the rolling hills of Sussex...bursting with good humour, intelligence and information. It brims with the same cleverly drawn characters that collect in my own vet's I empathise with Paul Mitchell, the new graduate employed by the vintage owner, Dr Crystal Sharpe.

Malcolm's writing is stylish, moving, original, beautifully crafted with real characters, believable situations and observant dialogue that always rings true. A 'must read' for vet students and pet lovers. They will adore the funny episodes that beset this naive vet at Prospect House.’
Barbara Large MBE FRSA HFUW
Founder Director Winchester Writers' Conference

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Other Books


I’ve been writing features for national magazines since the early 1980s. For fifteen years I was ‘Animal Agony Uncle’ for My Weekly. I have written over 200 articles for magazines such as She, The Lady, Best of British, Yours; and did a monthly page for Cat World and Parrots Magazine.

As for books, I haven’t written volumes, but here’s a list of those that have been published:

1986  Love Your Kitten W.Foulsham and Co. Ltd.
1986  Love Your Puppy W. Foulsham and Co. Ltd.
2006  Pets in Prospect (hardcover) Robert Hale
2007  Pets in Prospect (Large Print) F.A. Thorpe
2008  Pets in Prospect (paperback) Paperback
There have also been Czech and Japanese editions of Pets in Prospect.
May 2011  Pets in a Pickle  John Blake Publishing.
This a re-launch of Pets in Prospect


Paul Mitchell, a new veterinary graduate, starts work at a small animal hospital in Westcott-on-Sea near the South Downs in West Sussex.  The practice is run by a Dr Crystal Sharpe and her husband, Eric.  The practice receptionist is Beryl Wagstaff, the senior veterinary nurse, Mandy Fox, and the trainee, Lucy Gentle.

In a six-month period, June through to December, Paul learns to work with this team while dealing with a variety of clients and their pets. There’s a Mynah bird with a tumour; an out-of-work actress with a Maltese Terrier; a Major Fitzherbert with a wild cat; a bald cockatoo; some difficult horse owners of Dr Sharpe’s – Paul has to attend his first foaling; a farrowing; a Miss Mildred Millichip who does everything by the book – an ancient veterinary dictionary; and a visit to Westcott’s Wildlife Park where Paul helps Crystal to deal with a lame camel and later operates on a monkey with a tooth abscess.

He and Lucy move into the practice cottage in a Sussex village. Their relationship see-saws.  They acquire a goose called Gertie; and rear a baby squirrel. Paul has to judge the pets at a local church fete; and gets involved with two sisters who run a farm nearby – attends a milk fever and a cow trapped in a gravel pit. Christmas Day, there’s a cat that’s swallowed a mouse followed by a Rottweiler that’s swallowed a Christmas stocking.  The support and help Lucy gives at this time makes Paul realise his ‘Prospects’ for the future look good.


VETERINARY TIMES is good fiction...cheerful and brimming with ‘don’t go there, you idiot!’ type moments.

It’s a modern day James Herriot.

Hail the new James Herriot.

If you enjoyed the tales of James Herriot, you will enjoy reading this novel.

THE SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO amusing tale...with echoes of James Herriot, the main character gets into all manner of scrapes with the locals, both human and animal.

...young vet’s days in Sussex are brought back to life...a hilarious ride through the initial stages of his career.

Welshman’s book is full of crazy antics as the young vet weathers his first six months in practice.


‘If you enjoyed James Herriot you will enjoy Malcolm Welshman’s rollicking story of eccentric animals and even more eccentric humans.’
Celia Haddon, author and former Daily telegraph columnist.

‘It’s a light-hearted “if you like animals you’ll like this, especially the two-footed variety” page-turner.’
Anna Raeburn, LBC Radio’s Book of the Week.

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